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About the Company

D3MAX is a technology company formed by BBI International to license our patented cellulosic ethanol technology to dry mill ethanol plants in the US. Our cutting edge technology converts corn fiber and residual starch in distillers grains to cellulosic ethanol. This is a 1.3 billion gallon per year market and we intend to capture a significant portion of the market by licensing our D3MAX technology to existing ethanol plants.

Our strategy from day one has been to focus our efforts on cellulosic feedstocks that have been “pre-pretreated” or “cooked” by another process and the feedstocks must be available from an existing facility so that feedstock harvesting, transportation and storage is not required. The wet cake (wet distillers grains without the syrup added) from a dry mill ethanol plant meets these criteria. The fiber in wet cake has been extensively processed by the ethanol plant making it much easier to convert to cellulosic ethanol. Unlike corn stover, wheat straw, switchgrass, and most other cellulosic feedstocks, DDGS does not need to be harvested, transported or large volumes stored due to seasonal availability.

Wet Cake = Cellulosic Ethanol

3D Computer Rendering of the D3MAX Process

The projected financial returns for ethanol plants that install the D3MAX process are excellent indicating a very robust process that can withstand the volatility that is common in the ethanol industry. Sensitivity studies for ethanol and RIN pricing, ethanol yield, capital cost, and increase in corn oil recovery all show that the ethanol plant’s projected profits with D3MAX remain very high under adverse conditions.

D3MAX is the right upgrade for your dry mill ethanol plant and will be widely implemented for these reasons:

  • There is significant market pull for our D3MAX process. Ethanol plants are seeking ways to improve their revenue and bottom line. The industry is very competitive and plants must continuously improve to survive. D3MAX provides the most significant improvement in ethanol plant profitability available today.

  • The D3MAX process is a simple “bolt-on” technology suitable for implementation at approximately 190 corn dry mill ethanol plants in the US.

  • Payback for an ethanol plant that implements the D3MAX process is approximately one year with an increase in net revenue of about 20¢/gal for all gallons produced by the ethanol plant after implementing the D3MAX technology.

  • By installing the D3MAX technology and increasing its corn grind, an ethanol plant can increase its total ethanol output by as much as 40% without exceeding its current dryer capacity.

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