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Management Team Members

D3MAX, LLC has assembled an excellent management team with decades of experience in the traditional ethanol industry as well as the emerging cellulosic ethanol industry.

Joe Bryan

Joe Bryan is the CEO of D3MAX, LLC. Joe’s responsibilities include setting the overall business strategy for D3MAX and he is responsible for the financial performance of the company. Joe is a member of the Board of Managers. Joe is also the current CEO of BBI International.

Tom Bryan

Tom Bryan is the President of D3MAX, LLC. Tom’s responsibilities include setting the marketing and promotional strategies for selling D3MAX licenses. Tom is a member of the Board of Managers. Tom is also the current President of BBI International.

Mark Yancey

Mark Yancey is the CTO and Business Development Manager for D3MAX, LLC. Mark’s responsibilities include the development of the D3MAX process and managing technical services provided by D3MAX to its customers. Mark will also oversee the sales of D3MAX licenses. Mark is a member of the Board of Managers. Mark is also currently the Vice President of Project Development for BBI International.

John Nelson

John Nelson is the Vice President of Operations, Marketing & Sales of D3MAX, LLC. John will oversee the daily marketing and promotion activities for D3MAX. John is also the Vice President of Operations, Marketing & Sales for BBI International.

Jaci Satterlund

Jaci Satterlund is Vice President of Production & Design for D3MAX, LLC.

Jaci will oversee all graphic design and artwork required for the marketing and promotion of D3MAX. Jaci is also the Vice President of Production & Design for BBI International.

Board of Managers

The initial Board of Managers is composed of three seasoned biofuels industry executives with experience at BBI International and other renewable energy companies: Mr. Joe Bryan, Mr. Tom Bryan, and Mr. Mark Yancey.

Joe Bryan, CEO of BBI International

Joe Bryan joined BBI International in 1999 as Editor of the The Energy Independent, now Ethanol Producer Magazine. In 2010 Joe became CEO of BBI after many years as Vice President of the company’s media division. He has successfully managed the growth of BBI which produces globally recognized bioenergy events and trade magazines. In addition to the International Biomass Conference & Expo, BBI owns and operates the largest, longest-running ethanol conference in the world—the International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo (FEW). In addition, BBI publishes Ethanol Producer Magazine, Biomass Magazine, Pellet Mill Magazine and other trade journals and ancillary products including maps, directories, e-newsletters and other web-based industry resources. As CEO of BBI International, Joe brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to the D3MAX Board.

Tom Bryan, President of BBI International

Tom Bryan joined BBI International in 2001 as Managing Editor of Ethanol Producer Magazine. After playing an instrumental role in creating, launching and managing that magazine, Tom assumed the role of Editorial Director in 2004 and helped the company launch Biomass Magazine, Pellet Mill Magazine and other successful trade publications. As President of BBI International, Tom now leads a team of editors and support personnel responsible for the content of BBI’s publications, websites, geospatial products and events. Prior to joining BBI, Tom worked as a reporter for two of North Dakota’s largest newspapers, The Grand Forks Herald and The Bismarck Tribune. He holds a B.A. in Communications from the University of North Dakota. As President of BBI International, Tom brings a wide range of biofuels-related communications and marketing and experience to the D3MAX Board.

Mark Yancey, Vice President of Project Development at BBI International

Mark first joined BBI in 2001 as Manager of Consulting. By 2008, Mark had grown the BBI consulting business to a 25 person engineering and project development team that completed more than 200 technical projects and assisted clients in the development of six ethanol plants and one biodiesel plant from “concept to construction.” These plants produce over 300 million annual gallons of biofuels and represent over $500 million in capital investment. All of these plants are in operation today. From 2006 to 2009, the BBI process engineering team developed BBI’s patented biomass-to-ethanol technology. Mark is a co-inventor on the patent. In 2009 Mark left BBI to start NEAtech, which successfully provided renewable energy and consulting services for five years. In 2013 Mark rejoined BBI as Vice President of BBI Project Development. Mark oversees the development of biomass-based renewable energy and biotechnology projects, as well as engineering and consulting services for BBI. Prior to joining BBI, Mark was the Industrial Partnership Team Leader for the Biofuels Program at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, Colorado. Mark’s NREL duties included identifying and analyzing new opportunities for the application of technologies for the production of ethanol from lignocellulosic biomass. During his nine years at NREL, Mark managed a wide variety of projects including the technical and economic evaluation of converting forest residues, wood waste, wheat straw, rice straw and spent brewer’s grain to ethanol. Mark has a detailed understanding of ethanol production from both starch and sugar based feedstocks as well as lignocellulosic biomass feedstocks. Mark has a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University. With over 35 years of experience in renewable energy, Mark brings a wealth of business and technical experience to the D3MAX Board.

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